Go Go Skateboarding Lessons

Go Go Skateboarding Lessons was established in efforts of providing San Jose’s youth (and young at heart) with high-quality skateboard programs and services. From private lessons to lunchtime demonstrations, our mission is to shed light on the mental attributes needed to conquer fears and reach our goals.

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Diego Flores, Founder.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Diego grew up as the oldest of three brothers and a younger sister. With the pressure to do well and set the example, Diego stumbled upon his first job at Ohana Board Shop at the early age of 16. It was at Ohana Board Shop where Diego realized the positive influence skateboarding had on his students. Seven years later, Diego has refined our product here at Go Go Skateboarding to serve our community for years to come.

"We don't know what the students are going through at home or in their personal life so it's our responsibility to empower the youth and be the best role model possible. Be confident, don't give up, and never underestimate your potential." - Diego Flores